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Graduating as a massage therapist in 2007, I finally found the thing that made me happy. I’d found the thing that made a difference in other people’s lives. And I found that I loved absolutely everything about my new vocation. I still do.

Right from the start my massage business blossomed. I take great pride in the quality of service that I offer. Remedial massage can be very powerful and I get great satisfaction from helping clients who live with chronic pain. I often get told that I have an intuitive gift for this work. It’s a lovely compliment, but I think that it’s my practical nature that lets me decode where root causes of pain lie. Seeing clients move more freely after a session on the table is so rewarding. It’s all the motivation I need. Every minute on the table is working towards that moment.

I am the sort of person who need to constantly improve what I do in order to be fulfilled. That quest for improvement, and some dissatisfaction with the products I was using, led me to produce my own range of organic oils and balms. Studying the production process required to develop high quality oils and balms enthralled me, and ongoing refinement of my recipes and ideas has led me to my current range. I hope you try them. I have countless clients who will endorse their healing, soothing properties.

So that’s me. I’m Monique Low. Massage therapist. Balm and oil producer. Mother. Wife. Hawke’s Bay local and proud to be part of the growing Tribune family.

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Visit my temporary location: 113 Karamu Road, Hastings